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Jane Lecroy and the Mathematics of a Broken Heart – October 3, 2012

October 24, 2013

A poet and singer whose talent I greatly admire is Jane Lecroy. I first met her through the The Inspired Word open mic series, where I had quite the treat on that evening of January 6, 2012, since it was the venue’s two year anniversary event. Normally, this open mic series allows any volunteer to perform, but on this night, only an elite lineup of featured local poets, comedians, and entertainers took the stage.

While there were many memorable performances that night, I remember being immediately captured by the uniqueness of Jane’s singing voice and the lyrics of her songs. It was very obvious she had a scientific, philosophical mind, as her songs are punctuated by many poetic existential elements and quirky scientific references. This was obvious when in one of her pieces that night, she counted to ten and then lamented how the numbers all go on just the same – all the while singing beautifully and comparing the uniformity of the natural numbers to the angst of finding one’s identity mind you.

Since then, I’ve been to many other performances by Jane. Below is a clip from a performance on October 3, 2012 at The Brecht Forum in the West Village. The sound quality is low, but the real jewel is Jane’s insight into the geometry of a broken heart at the start of her piece.


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